What is Fight Club For Cancer?

In 2009 my family got some news that would change our lives forever. My brother, Shane found out he had cancer. He was 32 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It has been a constant battle, but with the help and support of family, friends, athletes and coaches, I'm happy to say that my brother Shane is alive and well today and still fighting strong. He likes to call it "The New Normal".

If you or someone you know has cancer, then I don't have to tell you what a challenging journey it is. There are many struggles along the way both physical and mental. I believe with love, support, prayer and hope you can get through anything... even cancer.

When my brother was in treatment, he was blessed with cards, letters, prepared meals from family, friends and churches, as well as gifts of hope, encouragement, and even a surprise phone call from a special athlete and a visit from a coach and of course, his teammates and family to help him win his fight.

As I watched the overflow of love and support going out to my brother, I knew one day I wanted to make a difference and help people with cancer. When the time was right, Shane and I created Fight Club For Cancer to help patients and their families. It has truly been a joy to bring smiles to the faces of those who have endured so much.

Shane has undergone chemotherapy, radiation, numerous surgeries and a life saving stem cell transplant. While fighting his battle, he was surrounded by a team of amazing doctors, nurses, family members, and friends who never let him down and helped him along the way. That's what Fight Club For Cancer is all about.

As caregivers, it's our job to make sure the patient has everything they need to keep up the fight. We are here to remind them that there is hope, even in the toughest of times and to make them feel loved, encouraged, and strong.

My job was to make my brother laugh, smile, and find a way to continue fighting each day. We got very creative and even had some fun. Cancer doesn't always have to be negative. It is certainly not enjoyable, and it's definitely not easy. Cancer is brutal on the body, mind, and soul, but on the flip side, it can be very powerful, touching and life changing. It can also bring people together, restore faith, and remind us that life is all about family, friends, love and compassion.

Fight Club For Cancer gives cancer patients and their families hope. We bring Athletes, Coaches, Sports Teams, Entertainment and Events together for a cause. We coordinate hospital visits, phone calls, meet and greets, sporting events, written letters, autographs, and support cancer patients and their families any way we can.

We are a 501C3 not for profit organization. We're here to help raise awareness and bring smiles to the faces of those who need it most. I know it helped my brother to have a team behind him in his fight and I hope we can help you too.

God Bless & Keep Fighting!

To learn more about Shane's courageous battle, watch the emotional video of his journey at www.ShaneVarga.com.